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Global warming has caused massive flooding! The last two people on Earth must race to a one-person spaceship on a floating platform in the sky. On the way, they must collect enough money to pay the spaceship's fare.


Player 1:

WASD: move

Space: jump

E: use current powerup

Q: swap current powerup for another

Player 2:

Arrow keys: move

Right Ctrl: jump

Numpad 0: use current powerup

/: swap current powerup for another

This game is an entry for Grads in Games' Search for a Star Code Challenge.

Install instructions

1) Unzip SearchForAStarship.rar.

2) Run SearchForAStarship.exe.


SearchForAStarship.rar 12 MB
design.pdf 79 kB


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Hello.  The company Aardvark Swift informed me about the 'Search for the Star' plan and many games are being submitted and they sent me the link for this game, I am told many will be submitted so I look forward in the next few weeks to trying your games and giving feedback, hehe.